2014 Tana International Marathon

The 14th edition of the Tana International Marathon (MIT) will take place on Sunday 26 October in the Malagasy capital. This big sporting event is a chance to discover the "City of the Thousand" located in the central highlands, part of the geographical region known as Imerina, one of the most picturesque capitals in the world.

The Tana Marathon comprises several races:

• The Marathon, the ultimate legendary race, with a distance of 42.195 km (officially measured by the IAAF), solo or in teams (companies, friends or colleagues)
• "Les Foulées de Tana", a 5 km race open to all
• The HandiRun, a 5km race for physically disabled people in wheelchairs

The organisers of the marathon, under the direction of Gilles Gabillet, Sport and Entertainment Director at World Trade Center Antananarivo (WTC Tana), subsidiary of Vision Madagascar, are targeting a very large audience - professional and experienced runners, amateurs, young people, those who are not so young, disabled people, inhabitants of Tana and the rest of Madagascar, the Indian Ocean, Africa and Europe.

For any information concerning the MIT, those interested may contact:

Vision Madagascar

Tel.: + 261 32 07 846 31 |+ 261 32 11 737 07
+ 261 20 22 330 93 | + 22 261 20 338 31
Email: vima@visionmadagascar.com; fanjavola.R@visionmadagascar.com

Website: visionmadagascar.com; marathondetana.com


Immeuble Ifanomezantsoa, Escalier Ranavalona – Antaninarenina

101 – Antananarivo,

Telephone: +261 20 22 270 51 / +261 34 20 270 51
Email: info@ortana.mg