Become friend of Réunion

The Island of Réunion Tourism (IRT) is holding a competition entitled “Devenez Dalon de La Réunion” (Become a Friend of Réunion) in partnership with the airport company Aéroport de La Réunion Roland Garros (SA ARRG). This game, based on a refer-a-friend system, will take place from Thursday 20 March 2014 to Friday 20 March 2015.

In an effort to promote the Island of Réunion to as many people as possible, the IRT has extended the concept of ambassadors to the general public. Residents of Réunion, tourists visiting the island - men, women, parents and students - are all potential representatives for the island. The aim of this competition is thus to promote the destination of Réunion through the concept of “Dalons” (meaning ‘friends’ in Creole), based on the approach of a powerful vehicle of communication – word of mouth.

“Devenez Dalons de La Réunion" is a no purchase necessary competition open to passengers departing from Réunion (residents and non-residents). It will last for a year, during the period 20 March 2014 to 20 March 2015. Four lots will be drawn with a Paris/ Réunion round trip to be won in each draw.

Terms of game

This game works on the basis of a simple refer-a-friend system. Upon leaving Réunion, the traveller (the referrer) will be able to pick up a leaflet at the Roland Garros airport which he/she will pass on to his/her potential referees once back home. The referrer’s aim is to encourage his/her friends and family sign up to the website and thus become his/her referees. Once signed up to the site, the referee will receive a participation activation email. The referrer will also be informed via email that his/her referee has signed up. The more referees a referrer has, the more chance he/she has to qualify for one of the draws, within the limit of 100 referees per referrer.

It should be noted that the referrer who wins the draw will have the choice to use his/her ticket or to give it away to one of his/her referees. This technique, which involves involving visitors in a process of virality by requiring them to get involved in looking for new prospects, also aims to win the loyalty of those travelling to the island of Réunion.

Leaflets will be available in the airport check-in hall, on the reception desk, as well as in the boarding area on two displays adorned in the game’s colours. Participants will be able to register simply by scanning the QR code on the leaflet. The competition form will also be directly accessible on the website.