Code of behaviour for National Parks

Madagascar National Park (MNP), with the support of Madagascar National Tourism Board (ONTM), would like to remind the Code of Conduct during your visit in Malagasy National Parks.

Madagascar National Parks is a Malagasy association private, state-approved usefulness and operative under the Ministry of the Environment , Ecology , Sea and Forestry.

The mission of Madagascar National Parks is to establish, maintain and sustainably manage a national network of Parks and Reserves , representative of the biodiversity and natural heritage unique to Madagascar .

During your visit, it will be prohibited to:

  1. Explore for or use minerals, oil and forest resources
  2. Hunt or fish the protected species
  3. Collect plants, flowers and minerals
  4. Degrade site, cultural and archeological sites
  5. Feed the animals
  6. Approach the animals (i.e., always keep distance during observation)
  7. Throw you waste andcigarette butts
  8. and to always use bathrooms of the protected area

As a visitor, you will always have the obligation to:

  1. Buy for entrance ticket at Information Desk
  2. To be accompanied by a local guide
  3. Stay on the track
  4. Respect the National Park timetable
  5. Respect the camping and fire regulation
  6. Always have an authorization for any special activities, such as: tourist activities (Bike, kayak, climbing..) sports and cultural events, filming, research activities…
  7. and keep the venue and accommodation infrastructures in their initial state

Enjoy your visit!!

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