Across the northern part of the Mozambique Channel, you will find this little corner of paradise nestled in the heart of Indian Ocean, between the east coast of Africa and Madagascar. Its total area is 2015 km2.

The history of the Comoros Islands is an invitation to travel: with an Arab inheritance, these islands have fascinated the former sultanates of the high civilization of Islam. Phoenicians, Egyptians and Syrians invaded the Comoros since the ancient times. At the beginning of ninth century, Arab traders, Black Bantus and Indonesians settled in the Comoros. Between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries, we saw the influx of chiraziens in the archipelago; they established the institution of sultanates; that political system will remain in force until the nineteenth century.
The Comoros make you discover the richnesses of thousand-year-old civilizations, a diversity of culture, and reflection of the interbreeding of the Comorian people. This rich culture is reflected by Medina narrow streets and old remains.

Our country, called the scent islands is a natural reserve of many perfume plants like the ylang-ylang, the jasmine, combava, patchouli and so one. He is among the bigger producers and exporters of vanilla and clove in the world.

The Comoros are home to many amazing natural beauty due to its insularity. The rate of endemism of the flora and fauna of land and marine (seaweed) is very high. It is normal that the Comoros place ecotourism at the top of their priorities.
Deep-sea diving is one of the favorite activities of the visitors of Comoros. Sea-beds shelter a rainbow corals and fish rare, single, which move in bands close the dimensions, bathing in a sea of a turquoise blue. The funds submarines shelter the alive old fossil of 300 million years, the Coelacanth, testifying mainly on the Comorian seas. This fish is the contempory of the dinosaurs.

You are welcome to Comoros to benefit from all we have to offer to you: security, relaxation hours, savours, the scents and legendary hospitality.
Dear tourists and visitors, we just tell you KARIBU IN COMOROS, our beautiful country.