Festival Liberté Métisse: Reunionnais pride expressed through all its diversity

The sixth edition of the Festival Liberté Métisse will liven up Sainte-Marie’s waterfront on 19 and 20 December. Started by the Regional Council of Réunion and organised in partnership with Île de La Réunion Tourisme (IRT), this cultural event is part of the celebrations of 20 December.

Two days of celebrations in the name of pride, freedom and recognition of Métisse culture!

A historic date in the collective subconscious of the people of La Reunion, 20 December 1848 marked the abolition of slavery on the island of La Reunion. Every year on this date, the Reunionnais population vibrates to the Maloya rhythm, which is registered on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, to celebrate the "Fêt’ de la Liberté”. This day is an opportunity for the people of La Réunion, with exceptional ethnic and cultural diversity, to come together for a time of extraordinary sharing. The 20 December celebrations are a highlight for the people of La Réunion, who put on a true display to share their common history.

Included on the agenda for the 20 December celebrations, Liberté Métisse celebrates the abolition of slavery on La Réunion. The sixth edition of the festival takes place on Saturday and Sunday, 19-20 December 2015, for two days of rejoicing on Sainte-Marie’s waterfront on the market square. In the name of freedom and recognition of Métisse culture, Festival Liberté Métisse aims to support the common values of the island of La Réunion and the Vanilla Islands. Respect, tolerance, cultural miscegenation and peaceful coexistence are the keywords for this event.

Liberté Métisse 2015 Programme

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