This is currently estimated at 1,2 million people, approximately 611 people per square kilometre. The capital, Port Louis, has a population of about 140 000.


Season Summer November to April - Winter May to October
Temperature 79°F to 90°F 68°F to 79°F
Occasional cyclones Wettest months: December to March
Annual rainfall 900 mm on the coast - 1500 mm on the central plateau
Sea Temperature 72°F (22°C) to 82°F (27°C)


Christian, Muslim and Hindu faiths are all prevalent on the island, as well as old Chinese customs.


An international vaccination certificate against yellow fever is required if visitors are from an infected area. More details on entry requirements can be obtained from the passport and immigration office in Port Louis on +230 210 93 12 or fax +230 210 93 22, email : . While there is a small risk of contracting malaria, it is exclusively the benign form. The island is a peaceful place, but, as with many international tourist destinations, caution should be exercised with valuables and normal safety precautions should be taken.


Each week, Mauritius is serviced by a number of airlines, namely Air Mauritius, Air France, South African Airways, Emirates, British Airways/Comair, Condor, Corsair, Air Austral, Meridiana Fly, TUI-UK Dreamliner, Air Seychelles, Air Madagascar. Air Mauritius has weekly flights from London, Paris, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Antananarivo, Nairobi, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Reunion Island (St Denis & St Pierre) and Perth. Air Mauritius runs daily flights from the main island to Rodrigues Island and back. The boat Mauritius Trochetia makes a 36-hours trip to Rodrigues only a few times a month. The 1 800 km-road network is good, as are the taxi and bus services. Those wishing to hire a car will need a valid international driver’s license.


Mauritius is a sparkling jewel set in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Sun-kissed beaches, stunning mountains, calm lagoons, bustling villages, patchwork sugar cane fields and swaying palm trees - Mauritius is an island where the welcoming smiles of the people reveal the true magic of this enchanting land. Mauritius has a rich and varied past. The cosmopolitan population is now a fascinating mix of Indian, Chinese, African and European origin, creating a kaleidoscope of customs and religions. This blend of cultures is best reflected in the island’s cuisine. Mauritius offers the classic tropical holiday pastimes - relaxing on sun-kissed beaches, sailing to beautiful deserted islands, exploring the wonders of the coral reefs. The island abounds with places of interest to amaze and enchart the visitors. Mauritius has also a myriad of inland and sea activities other than relaxing on the beach such as skydiving, undersea walk, catamaran sailing, kitesurf, mountain climbing, shopping, nightlife... Two World Heritage Sites (Unesco) are found in Mauritius : the Aapravasi Ghat and le Morne mountain.