A little-known destination:
It is highly likely that you are the first of your friends to discover this French département in the Indian Ocean. Indeed, tourism is very little developed here and mainly consists of people coming to visit family members who live here.

The biggest enclosed lagoon in the world:

With its 1100km2, an average depth of 40 metres and its countless reefs, it is a diver’s paradise. Moreover, no need for oxygen tanks here – just flippers and a mask will open up enchanting landscapes.

A holiday that’s different:
Ici, pas de tourisme de masse. Le voyageur est amené à faire un séjour de proximité, à la rencontre d’une population aux traditions riches qui vous emmènent dans leur quotidien à la découverte des produits locaux.

Swimming with dolphins and whale watching:
Le lagon de Mayotte est une destination privilégiée pour la rencontre avec les cétacés. Outre les nombreuses espèces de dauphins présents toute l’année, la saison des baleines est l’occasion de sensations uniques.

Discover this French culture on the other side of the world:
France’s very recent 101st département, Mayotte is nonetheless firmly rooted in a heritage specific to its region. With its mixed Arab, Indian, European, Malagasy and Eastern African origins, the island offers a true change of cultural scenery.