Victoria International Carnival

When the Seychelles was colonised for the first time, people of various ethnicities, customs and lifestyles came to settle on these islands. Over the years, the Seychelles has consolidated its calling as a melting pot – which is still ongoing – by welcoming people from the four corners of the earth, who, each making their own particular contribution, have helped weave the fabric of this vibrant society, and have in return been changed subtly.

In this diverse context where different cultures and populations rub shoulders, what could be more natural for the Seychelles than to be, once again, the setting for the annual edition of the “Carnival of Carnivals”, which brings together representatives of carnivals the world over to hold three days of festivities alongside cultural groups from the Community of Nations.

The Victoria International Carnival in the Seychelles will take place over three days in April 2014, and will on this occasion become the meeting place for representatives of the world’s most famous festivals, who will be the guests at this thrilling international event!

Looking to be an event subject to much national and international attention, Victoria International Carnival will showcase a parade of colourful floats in colours representing the national carnivals of the various countries taking part, and a great number of other activities, all on the theme of the carnival.

We expect extensive international media coverage of this picturesque event, which onlookers are sure to love, as it will bring the lively atmosphere typical of carnivals to our islands.