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Vanilla Islands your holiday destinations in the indian ocean region

Vanilla islands: a concept and a source of information

A marketing Grouping

The Vanilla islands are a marketing grouping.  It is a partnership of six island nations of Indian ocean islands:

  • Comoros (island country)
  • La Réunion (French territory)
  • Madagascar (the largest island)
  • Mauritius (island country)
  • Mayotte (French territory)
  • Seychelles (island country)

The organization is working like a tourism board for all these islands. It operates like a link between the tourist offices, the official tourism authorities and the private sector. A win-win approach is searching in the activities:

  • increase the number of visitors,
  • provide the tools for better efficiency,
  • promote quality standards and services.

The Vanilla Islands are working in cooperation with the existing tourism structures.

The promotion is based on twin centres destination products like:

  • Mauritius Seychelles,
  • Comoros Mayotte,
  • Seychelles Madagascar,
  • La Réunion Mauritius,
  • and much more within the indian ocean islands. The cruise sector is also one of the targets of the Vanilla islands.

A source of information

Discover where to go for your sunshine holidays. Whether you’re looking for cheap holidays or honeymoon destinations, you’ll find your inspiration here.

From hotels, holiday cottages and guest room to all inclusive holidays and why not last minute holidays? You’ll find everything you need for first choice holidays or for family holidays.
 On the beach protected by coral reef or looking at a beautiful scenery? From outdoor activities to water sports, all your dreams can come true in the Vanilla Islands.

You are searching for cruises ? How about Indian Ocean cruises ? From the Mozambique channel to the western indian ocean discover the island nations during beach holidays.

Feel the ocean breeze and the scents of a tropical island in the indian ocean with beautiful beaches and juicy fruits .

Every island is a paradise island. The sandy beaches are waiting for you to catch a tan for beach breaks or scuba dive in open sea.

These beautiful islands are offering the best white sand beaches in the world even on private island.

You can make escapes to smallest islands: Rodrigues, Nosy Be, Ste Marie, the 115 islands granitic or coral islands of Seychelles. La Digue with the giant tortoise or Praslin with the coco de mer palms trees are included. If you like the Unesco world heritage site you can visit any of the islands. The national parks and marine life are your holiday destinations.

They are served by national carriers Air MauritiusAir MadagascarAir AustralAir SeychellesAB Aviation and other long haul flights.

Best SEO expert in the indian ocean

Registrations are open for the residents of the Vanilla Islands. The competition will start on September 17th and will last three months. We will know on December 17th who is the best SEO expert in the Indian Ocean.

“The goal of the SEO competition is to rank the best SEOs in the Indian Ocean. Each participant will have to define a referencing strategy and implement their know-how. “


Pascal Viroleau,

Travel differently ...

Discover the Indian Ocean islands

When you cruise around the Indian Ocean, you can visit authentic tropical islands and sail aboard amazing ships.

Discover sublime landscapes and the delicate balance of ecosystems

Nature is the wealth of the Vanilla Islands. So ecotourism holidays is the best way to enjoy the environment sustainably.

The indian ocean golf competition on several islands, in holiday mode

Holiday whilst playing your favourite sport: the dream of so many golfers.

Latest news from the vanilla islands

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Bangard Axelle, the self-taught Mauritian in the SEO contest in the amateur category. She is competing for the victory.

Raminoharijaona Tojo

Raminoharijaona Tojo, Malagasy SEO professional joins the quest of the vanilla islands seo contest. His web agency is based in Antananarivo