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Vanilla islands

Which web for 2020? The essentials for a greener internet

Greener internet Too much paper and not enough trees? Dematerialize your files! Transportation is becoming more and more polluting? Home Office will change your life! Planes are earth-killers? Stop travelling, discover the world throughout Google Maps! The Vanilla islands tell you more on greener internet The web, world champion of ecology? Unfortunately, the equation in [...]
Baleines - Copyright Gabriel Barathieu

whales in mayotte

Whales in Mayotte: From July to October, cetaceans take up residence in the most beautiful lagoon of the Indian Ocean. Young and old alike will have a unique and magical experience. All actors are putting in place systems to preserve this species, encourage good practices and raise awareness. The spectacular return of whales in Mayotte [...]
Course de pneus - Mayotte

Mayotte tire race

Each year, Mayotte hosts a somewhat special championship: the iconic tire race. Strong sensations and giggles guaranteed! To master the "Formula 1 Mahoraise", young athletes must show skill and speed. The Mahoran formulas consist of a tire and two sticks. Therefore, speed and agility are there! Tire race Mayotte: To say that tire racing is [...]