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The Vanilla Islands Organisation is holding a competition for the best SEO expert (search engine optimization) for the residents of Vanilla Islands. As part of its promotional campaign, the organisation is taking part in setting up package holidays combining travel to several islands. The campaign’s success depends on increasing the popularity of the Vanilla Islands brand, especially online. Showing up in the first pages of search engine results for searches relating to tourism is a key factor. In order to soar to the top of search engine results, a number of operations must be carried out. A website’s textual content is the basis and years of experience will play a prominent role. You must focus on keywords, make the texts relevant… In short, it is essential to optimise content.

The process is called natural indexing or SEO and it helps a website rank higher in search engine results. The strategy enhances the website’s visibility, and therefore its popularity, by increasing organic traffic. At the same time, training in these techniques is widely available in the Indian Ocean. A true pool of talented people has been created over the years, and they are keen to prove themselves.

As such, we want to bring together the worlds of tourism and digital technology. We organise a competition for the best SEO expert in the Vanilla Islands. The competition will help enhance the visibility of the Vanilla Islands while discovering talented individuals in the area.

Cutting-edge expertise

Indian Ocean islands boast cutting-edge expertise in the digital world, especially in the field of SEO. Training centres offer higher-level training cycles that teach proven and competitive skills recognised worldwide. We hope that the competition will revitalise the sector all the while helping us achieve our goals.

Vanilla islands - Competition best seo expert

Registration dates

The registrations are open until the 17th of october 2020 – midnight Reunion Island Time. The competition will take place from 17 September to 17 December at 10 am (Reunion island time). It will be announced later online, on social media and in the press.


The purpose of the SEO competition is to create a ranking of the best SEO experts in the Indian Ocean. The list of the top seo experts of indian ocean will be done. It will reward the best website SEO expert within three months of the competition ending. The competition will start with searching for the keywords provided on D-Day.

On the day that the competition is launched, participants will receive a series of keywords to index. The participant who reaches the highest position on Google at the end of the competition will be the winner. The winner be awarded the title of Best SEO expert in the Vanilla Islands.

Each participant will need to create a website and internet marketing strategies. They will devise an SEO strategy that will enhance the ranking factors and the website’s visibility:

  • optimise title tags;
  • optimise meta descriptions;
  • analyse backlinks;
  • create external links and link building strategy
  • and more.

The techniques used will be the key to success. Participants will need to use the most effective SEO tools that will help them rank their website as high as possible. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are often used for SEO audits.


The texts must be positive and promote the Indian Ocean islands.


The target country will be France. As such, the keywords will be in French.


The competition is only open to residents of the Vanilla Islands: Réunion, Mauritius, Madagascar, Mayotte, Comoros and the Seychelles.
Participants will be required to provide proof of residency in one of the above islands.

Categories of the best seo expert

The competition will include three categories: Training organisations, Amateurs and Professionals. Anyone can enter: SEO consultants, SEO agencies, SEO experts, digital marketing agency, SEO specialists, individuals, students, etc.


The keywords were given the 17th of Septembre 2020 at 12.00 Reunion Island time. Discover the keywords ” trapeze des mascareignes ” in the following video.

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