Decouvre url

The URLS of the participants finally revealed !

You were impatiently awaiting this moment when the websites of the various competitors of the 1st Vanilla Islands competition would be revealed ?  It’s now done !

You will be able to study the sites of the many participants in this unprecedented competition. You can try to decipher the strategy to climb to the top of the Google France ranking with the keywords “trapeze des mascareignes”.

We are fortunate to have among the participants from the Indian Ocean zone:

21 participants from La Réunion
15 participants from Madagascar
2 participants from Mayotte
5 participants From Mauritius
1 participant from Comoros

Monitored and validated urls

44 sites have been validated in accordance with the competition rules to ensure that all meet the conditions imposed. As a reminder: the domain name address must have been purchased after the launch of the keywords on September 17. It must not have been the subject of a previous purchase or history.

On our listing below, the sites appear in no defined order and the addresses are declared as “no follow” so that none of the participants are favored by backlincks.

You can vote for the site that you find the most beautiful.


2020/12/17 16:37:26