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Our great Vanilla Islands contest has now been in progress for over 2 weeks.

Our participants now know the keywords, which you can also find in this video, and the websites referencing the Trapèze des Mascareignes are starting to appear on the web.

Check out our format for #SEO advice, the “Pro Minute”. Today it is the turn of Duffez Olivier, creator and editor of WebRankInfo, to give us his tips.

Could you tell us about your SEO career and your activities?

I discovered the web in 1996 with my first sites, then SEO…

In 2002 I created the WebRankInfo site, to explain how Google works.

At the time, I was advised against betting everything on a single search engine, but I believed it was the right horse to back all the same. 18 years later, I am still publishing (free) files on SEO and leading the forum (more than 1 million messages).

I am also an SEO consultant (WebRankExpert) and co-founder of Ranking Metrics (professional training and SEO tools platform “My Ranking Metrics”).

duffez olivier
Could you give us the best SEO practices vital for properly referencing your site?

These are the 5 SEO steps:

  1. SEO technical audit: this is fundamental, it must be constantly monitored and corrected
  2. Content strategy: you have to take a step back and analyse what subjects you need to address in order to bring the right people to the site. This leads to groups of pages to create or optimise
  • Content optimisation: for each page, there are a lot of SEO rules to follow (good drafting to address all aspects, corresponding structured data, etc.)
  1. Optimisation of the user experience: on mobile but also on computer, the internet user must easily find what they are looking for
  2. Work on the notoriety of the site: it is not only the backlinks, but also the branding and even the optimisation of the entities attached to the site (brand, names of associated persons, products, etc.)

Note, this is a loop, it’s never over!

In your opinion, are technological and algorithmic developments changing SEO practices in 2020? It’s a continuous evolution so we can say that 2020 is very similar to 2019, etc.

But with the passage of years, the changes are now actually significant. In summary, I would say that Google is more successful than before in understanding what the Internet user is really looking for, the one it directs to our site. If we don’t understand what they are looking for, even if well positioned, we risk falling. We must use all available avenues.

One last question to end with, do you know any of our Vanilla Islands (Réunion, Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles, Mayotte, Comoros)? I’ve never been there, but I am imagining it! But thank you for asking me.

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