The Vanilla Islands: a visual and taste paradise

From the Reunionese Cari to the Mauritian Dholl Puri through the Malagasy Romazava, our islands are not done delighting you.
Jewels of the Indian Ocean, the Vanilla Islands cannot be summed up to their white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and breathtaking landscapes: the diversity of their flavors will convince even the most discerning gourmets. Freshly caught fish, sweet and colorful fruits, spicy aromas, …: let the generosity of the emblematic dishes of the Indian Ocean delight your taste buds and discover the local gastronomy! And to finish on a sweet note, many tropical fruits will bring the perfect sweet touch to all these typical meals.


1. Eating local food: a way to immerse yourself in a new culture.

What better way to immerse yourself in a new country than by discovering its culinary specialties? Traditional recipes and their associated know-how are often handed down from generation to generation, making them true witnesses to the history of the islands. It is particularly true in this case: over the centuries, many populations have emigrated to the islands of the Indian Ocean, mainly from Asia and Africa. This meeting of cultures gradually gave birth to the traditional cuisine of the Vanilla Islands, each with its own culinary identity.

Explore new flavors and traditions.
To immerse yourself fully, prefer the establishments frequented by local people: not only will you discover the culinary specialties, but also the habits related to mealtimes. To find the perfect address, don’t hesitate to ask the islanders for advice or to get lost in the small streets you will meet! Indeed, sharing traditions does not stop at the content of the plate. The utensils and containers used, as well as the order or number of dishes or the gestures practiced are also part of the cultural transmission and contribute to the richness of the typical food. It is also an opportunity to exchange with the locals: cooking is a universal language. Take advantage of this gourmet moment to learn more about your hosts and their traditions.

2. Discover tasty and exotic recipes to reproduce at home.

If practice makes perfect, then what better way to discover local gastronomy than by cooking it yourself? Take advantage of the cooking classes offered by the locals to share with them a unique moment of discovery and sharing. In Reunion Island, the Far Far Kréol association proposes for example a morning dedicated to the discovery of traditional cooking over a wood fire. You will start with a tour of the farmers’ market to find the best products, then head to Sainte-Suzanne to cook and enjoy lunch! This experience will not only allow you to treat yourself, but it will also teach you how to reproduce your favorite recipe once you return home, to find the fragrance of the trip in the comfort of your own home.

3. Eating local food: a major economic and ecological lever for more responsible travel

Eating local is not only synonymous with discovery and immersion, but also a way to encourage the local economy. You will support the activity of local restaurant owners, as well as that of their suppliers. This culinary interlude will therefore be a wider opportunity to support the economy of the island you are on!

Moreover, typical recipes are mainly made with local and seasonal ingredients, produced on the island. Thus, your gastronomic experience will be part of a short circuit approach that respects the planet.

Consuming locally therefore has many advantages. Through the discovery of new flavors and traditions, and an intimate and informal meeting with the locals, your trip to the heart of the Indian Ocean will only be richer in memories, so don’t hesitate any longer, and go and experience the Indian Ocean specialties! Eating local, so many reasons to have fun in the Vanilla Islands