The Comoros archipelago is a unique destination. Its variety of fauna and flora, its dreamy, deserted beaches and the heady scent of its crops are what make this first stage of your trip to the Vanilla Islands so authentic. In this archipelago nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, land and sea are as one. Here, you will find that nature is both exuberant and peaceful. Discover the beautiful natural wonders of the Karthala Volcano and Lac Salé, see a sea turtle laying eggs, walk down the alleys of Moroni towards its medina, and enjoy the kindness of the Comorians.

In Madagascar, try traditional gastronomy. Dive into the heart of the Andasibe forest, home to many species of lemur, including the indri-indri: the largest lemur in the world. Then visit the Vohimana Community Reserve and enjoy its native biodiversity. Meet aye-ayes (a mysterious kind of lemur) and enjoy the calm shores of Lake Ampitabe and the adjacent village of Akanin’ny Nofy (“dream nest” in Malagasy). Then, go to Sainte-Marie, Madagascar’s idyllic island, where you will find fine-sand beaches, historical heritage and natural riches (whales, signs of pirate activity, etc.).



inc. tax*
per person
(Based on 8 people sharing)

Getting in touch with nature 4/5
Meeting the locals 4/5
Eco-responsibility 4/5
Comfort 4/5
Accessibility 4/5


Learning about biodiversity and the importance of protecting it

Evironmentally friendly ecolodges, all of whose profits go to the local population

Hiking and outdoor activities

Interactions with local people and associations


The tours, meetings and transfers mentioned may vary depending on the availability of participants and local constraints.
Day 1 : Paris – Moroni

From Paris to Moroni. Dinner provided on the flight.

Day 2 : Moroni

On arrival, you will head to the Jardin de la Paix Hotel. On the street, you will smell the heady scent of essential oils. The day will continue with a visit to the medina before dinner at the hotel.

Day 3 : Mount Karthala

A tasty breakfast is provided at the hotel. You will then go to a Ylang Ylang distillery, to find out the secrets of making the essence of this flower. Afterwards, you will set off to the legendary Karthala Volcano. Once night falls, you can eat dinner and rest in the bivouac.

Day 4 : Mount Karthala

Early in the morning, in the fresh air of Mount Karthala’s heights, a lovely walk is planned before you start the descent. After lunch, you will have the afternoon free to discover the island and its inhabitants. To relax, you are offered a traditional massage with essential oils. Dinner and night at Laka Lodge.

Day 5 : Mitsamiouli

Your breakfast will be served at the lodge before your return flight to Moroni. Once you get there, enjoy a swim and meet with an environmental protection organisation. Before you reach Mitsamiouli, you will enjoy a tasty barbecue in the village bungalows. Once you get there, you will have the privilege of visiting Lac Salé, the bottom of the crater and the turtle island. Your evening will end at the Domaine du Lac.

Day 6 : Moroni – Antananarivo

After breakfast, take your flight to Madagascar. Upon your arrival in Antananarivo, a team will take care of your transfer to the Lapasoa hotel, where you will receive a welcome cocktail. After a short briefing about your stay, you can sit down for dinner.

Day 7 : Antananarivo

After breakfast, explore a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Royal Hill of Ambohimanga. You will have lunch at a restaurant at the foot of this icon of the Merina monarchy. In the evening, attend a cooking workshop and prepare your own dinner before returning to your hotel.

Day 8 : Antananarivo – Andasibe

Leave for Andasibe after your breakfast at Lapasoa. On arrival, you will be able to enjoy lunch prepared by women of the Kanto association. Go hiking with the association to discover the village’s natural, cultural and historical heritage.  Stop off at Moramanga or visit the historic gendarmerie museum before going to the Vakona Forest Lodge hotel, where you will be on full-board.

Day 9 : Andasibe

Visit the Andasibe National Park during the day and admire its native fauna and flora. Classic dinner and night at Vakona Forest Lodge

Day 10 : Andasibe – Vohimana 

After breakfast, head to the Vohimana Community Reserve managed by the NGO Homme et l’Environment. When you arrive, you will be amazed by the beautiful orchids. Lunch, dinner and night at an ecolodge.

Day 11 : Vohimana – Akanin’ny Nofy

An excellent breakfast will be provided before leaving Vohimana to head to Akanin’ny Nofy. At nightfall, go and see the enigmatic aye-aye lemurs at the Hotel Palmarium’s private reserve; enjoy full-board accommodation.

Day 12 : The Pangalanes Canal

After a light and early breakfast, take a traditional pirogue trip on the Pangalanes Canal. You will return to the hotel after a long day for a night of relaxation.

Day 13 : Akanin’ny Nofy – Mahambo

Breakfast at the hotel before leaving for Tamatave and Mahambo. You will stay on a full-board package at Hotel La Pirogue.

Day 14 : Mahambo – Île Sainte Marie

From Mahambo, cross over to Sainte-Marie by sea. You will stay on a full-board package at Hotel Princess Bora.

Day 15  to 16 : Sainte Marie

A busy day awaits: you may be able to go on a whale watching trip from Sainte Marie, depending on the season. Also visit the island’s historic sites, like the famous pirate cemeteries. Head to the hotel for dinner.

Day 17 : Sainte Marie – Rèunion – Paris

This is the end of your stay. After breakfast, you will head to the airport. You will stop off on Rèunion before continuing to Paris.



Accommodation in eco-responsible lodges
Immersion in the country’s history and interaction with the local population (medina, ylang Ylang distillery)
Brand new experience trekking in a natural and preserved reserve
Discovering local flora and faun and the importance of protecting nature and biodiversity (Chomoni beach)


Meeting with Kanto Association wich promotes the conservation of natural heritage and culture in the Central-Eastern Region of Madagascar
Nights in an ecolodge
Lunch with the villagers of Anjiro
Cooking workshop in the capital’s historic Hauteville quarter
Traditional pirogue ride on the Pangalanes Canal
See whales off Sainte-Marie



Comoros and Madagascar : Tipping is at the customer’s discretion (check with the driver if needed)


Madagascar and Comoros : Don’t forget travel/health insurance covering repatriation and medical care.


Paris – Moroni
Moroni – Antananarivo
Antananarivo – Paris

Time difference (from UK)

Madagascar and Comoros
Summer : one hour later than France
Winter : two hours later than France

Trip management in both countries

Comoros : Driver and guide depending on the programme and activities

Driver-guide from Antananarivo to Manambato
Jetty for Akanin’ny Nofy

Bank cards

All bank cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) are accepted by ATMs located in big cities and medium-sized towns. Shops do not usually accept them.

Meals and drinks

Guide, depending on the programme and activities
Drinks are extra

Full-board accommodation
Drinks extra

Bring with you

Comoros : Mosquito repellent, sunscreen (compliant with environmental standards) and walking shoes
If possible : clothes and books to give to the inhabitants

Madagascar : Mosquito repellent, sunscreen (compliant with environmental standards) and walking shoes.


Comoros : It is strongly recommended that an assistance contract or insurance be taken out to cover all medical and repatriation costs. Consult your doctor or an international vaccination centre for a health assessment, if necessary, and get healthcare recommendations, in particular about vaccinations.

Madagascar : No vaccinations are required. Vaccinations against hepatitis A and B and typhoid fever are recommended.


Grande Comores
– Jardin de la Paix hotel
– Domaine du Lac bungalow
– Itsamia community bungalow,
– Laka Lodge (Ecolodge)

Antananarivo : hotel located in a historic part of the city
Andasibe and Vohimana : Ecolodge
Akanin’ny Nofy, Mahambo and Sainte-Marie : hotels


Airport – Accommodation : 30 mins to 1 hour
Transfer to site : 30 mins to 1 hour 30 mins
Mistamiouli trip : 2 hours

Antananarivo – Ambohimanga : two-hour drive
Antananarivo – Moramanga : three-hour drive
Moramanga – Anjiro : one-hour drive
Moramanga – Andasibe : 30-minute drive
Andasibe – Vohimana : 30-minute drive and 20-minute walk to reach the community reserve
Andasibe – Vohimana : 30-minute drive and 20-minute walk to reach the community reserve
Akanin’ny Nofy – Tamatave : two to three hours on the Pangalanes Canal
Tamatave – Mahambo : two hours’ drive
Mahambo – Sainte-Marie : three-hour sea crossing

Practical information

Comoros : Access to Comoros requires a visa. It is issued on arrival at Moroni airport and costs about €30. French nationals travelling abroad must have a return air ticket, cash provisions of €30/day and the address of where they are staying.

Madagascar : French nationals travelling to Madagascar must have a passport which is valid for at least six months. A visa will be issued at the airport. You will need two ID photos. For a stay of less than 30 days the cost is €35, payable in person and in cash, upon presentation of passport.


Price per person for Comoros
airfare not included

Price per person for Madagascar
*Single room supplement

This price includes

Accommodation – private room
The meals stated (excluding drinks)
The guided tours and excursions mentioned
Airport transfers
Tourist taxes

This price does not include

Visa and insurance (can be provided at an additional charge)
International flights from Paris and inter-island flights between islands
Drinks and personal spending
Any expenses not mentioned above

This price includes

Transfers throughout the trip
Full-board accommodation
Entrance fees for sites and parks
Cooking workshop in the capital

This price does not include

A visa for Madagascar
Drinks and tips
Mandatory guide’s fees at parks and sites.
Travel and health insurance
All activities on the Île Sainte-Marie
Personal spending

*Full board and accommodation with varying levels of comfort



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