This small ship – 400 passengers aboard – mainly carries German guests. It will be in Reunion on Monday 7th December from 7.00 to 18.00 hrs. It is doing the “African” tour: from Mauritius to Cape Town.

ARTICLE-Europa 2 - Réunion - 7th december

When the Europa 2 cruise ship puts in at Le Port, the port will offer a shuttle service allowing cruisers to travel from the dockside to the ferry terminal, where a bilingual welcome team will await them.

At the terminal, passengers who haven’t booked any excursions will find :

– shuttle transfers to the tourist information centre at Le Port from 10.00 hrs,
– a free Wi-Fi zone,
– stalls selling locally made arts and crafts,
– and a tourist information stand where offerings include leaflets, town maps and the opportunity to taste sugary pastries made by an artisan from the west of the island

Taxis and car hire will also be available for personalised trips.

To ensure that passengers feel welcome, four people will be on hand during the day : three from the Intercommunal Tourist Office of West Reunion and one from the Tourism Federation of Reunion.