Inter Iles Air

The Comorian airline Inter Iles Air has a new name and is now to be known as Int’Air Îles. A new logo for the promotion of the company was created to mark this change.

ARTICLE-Comores : Inter Îles Air change de nom et veut accroître sa desserte régionale avec Int'Air Îles

Founded in 2008, the new name of the Comorian airline Int’Air Îles marks a real change. According to the site on Friday 13 March, the company is now called Int’Air Îles and has a new logo to go with its new name. For 2015, the company aims to “reach Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, Majunga in Madagascar, Plaisance in Mauritius and Pierrefonds in Saint Pierre in Réunion”, according to the airline’s website.

Int’Air Iles currently has five aeroplanes including 4 Cessna (407, 207 and Grand Caravan), along with two leased aircraft (SAAB 340 and Embraer 110). These planes serve the islands of the Comoros including Grande Comore, Anjouan and Mohéli.  The French island of Mayotte is also served by the company.

The inter islands combination is a must product for the indian ocean. Visiting two destinations in the same journey is more and more popular. Int’Air Iles is the perfect company to combine Comoros and Mayotte. It is a tourism asset that the archipelago is taking advantage.

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