Reunion Island Tourism and the specialist tour operator ATR are organising workshops in 3 South African cities to introduce the possibility of mountain biking tracks to an audience of tourism professionals and cycling clubs.

ARTICLE-Reunion Island Tourism & Adventure Travel Reunion on tour in south Africa to promote mountain biking on Reunion Island

Reunion, a volcanic island, has a one of a kind mountainous terrain. Covering over 40% of its surface, the ‘pitons, cirques and remparts’ area was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2010. Gorges, steep slopes and other hilly terrains make it an ideal site for fans of mountain biking.

Reunion, a paradise for bikers: this is the objective of these workshops organised by Reunion Island Tourism and their partner. After a workshop organised at the Alliance Française in Cape Town on 4 November, the tour continues to Johannesburg with two sessions on 17 November. The first one is aimed exclusively at travel agents, and the other at mountain bikers. Immediately, the next day, they’ll go on with another presentation in Pietermaritzburg, the South African capital of mountain biking.

In South Africa, this activity has, over the years, become a very fashionable sport, hence the expression “mountain biking is the new golf”.