Staying at a local’s in the Comoros, an authentic family trip

Vacations are a time to relax, get out of the daily work routine and take a well-deserved rest. If going abroad brings at least the promise of a disconnection, staying in the Vanilla Islands allows you to feel like you’re in paradise for a few weeks. Vacations are also an opportunity to discover new places, new landscapes, but above all another culture, new ways of doing things and thinking. What could be better than living with a local to live the experience of living abroad to the fullest?

If you are not already convinced, here are 3 good reasons to stay with local people for your trip to the Comoros:


1/ A complete immersion in the Comorian culture

As tourists, we often miss many aspects of the country we are visiting. Staying in a local’s home allows you to discover the country from the interior, far from the tourist trails. You will thus discover the archipelago in a more complete way, thanks to the exchanges with the population. You will live at the pace of the island and you will immerse yourself in its culture and traditions, built over several centuries around Arab, African, Indian, and French influences. Living with the natives for a few days or weeks is an opportunity to grasp all the singularities of the island. Do not hesitate to ask your hosts for details about the tradition of the big wedding or to teach you how to dance one of their many traditional dances, such as the m’biu.

2/ A unique moment of sharing

A journey is never truly experienced until it is shared. Meeting the locals is the promise of living unforgettable moments, rich in emotions. The person who will host you will most likely want to make new acquaintances and exchange on cultural differences and other news, which will lead to conversations full of laughter and learning.

Furthermore, Comorians are renowned for their storytelling skills, and most of them have lived on the island since their birth. They will therefore be the best guides to help you discover their country and its particularities. The anecdotes told by the inhabitants will give you another vision, more real and anchored in the history of the places you will be able to visit. You will have a better understanding of your environment, and none of your questions will remain unanswered. It is also the opportunity to discover the best viewpoints and diving spots to visit, or typical recipes not to be missed.

3/ A trip in harmony with nature

Staying in private homes also often brings you closer to nature, especially because of the proximity of hiking trails that are less frequented by tourists. However, the specificity and beauty of the archipelago is also revealed in the diversity of its fauna and flora, a good part of which does not exist elsewhere. Indeed, of the 1500 or so plant species present in the Comoros, more than a hundred are endemic. The fauna, far from being outdone, has for example no less than 17 species of birds unique to its endemic. If you are lucky, you may be able to see a Livingston’s bat, the rarest bat in the world! The beauty of the Comorian ecosystem does not stop at the surface of the earth: its seabed also abounds with a multitude of fish, cetaceans, and corals of all kinds, which you can admire during a diving session. This is Staying at a local’s in Comoros!

As you may have understood, there are many advantages in choosing to stay with a local for a trip to the Comoros. Whether you want to get back in touch with nature, to know the archipelago better than anyone else or to spend authentic family vacations. Do not hesitate any longer and book your trip in the heart of the Indian Ocean now!