Victoria, capital of the Creole world and the island of Mahé which was equipped with an institute insuring the promotion of this so warm islander identity welcomes the 29th kreol festival as from October 24th.

This year still numerous destinations come to celebrate their roots in Seychelles, in musics, in songs, in diverse performances …

The star, the Kassav band will give a concert showing that the Creole world extends on the surface of the globe. Distant geographically and so close at the same time!

Beyond the festivities, international media of the Indian Ocean but also of France, England, Italy and India will be present to show the specificity, the authenticity and the wealth of our cultures.

The delegation of Indian journalists will be the most important and comes to consolidate the tourist efforts of development by giving a real visibility to this event.

These last months, the Seychelles and the Vanilla Islands went to meet several hundred of tour operators and travel agents in Delhi and in Mumbai.

It is essential to attract visitors to show the differences and the wealth of our cultures. The seduction goes well obviously by beautiful postcards and by beautiful landscapes but it passes especially by the contact with the population, by its history, by its gastronomy …

Every present destination to this 29th kreol festival will thus have the opportunity to meet the press and to promote its culture abroad.


ARTICLE-The 29th Kreol festival of Seychellles