On Friday, December 11, 2015, the Mayotte Department of Tourism met with the ‘Cruise Club’, so as to finalize preparations for the arrival of new cruise ships during the 2015/2016 season. Each active member of the club (Harbor Master, MCG, CDTM, National Police, Municipal Police, SGAR, the Baobab Agency, SMART…) was able to define and confirm their role regarding the arrangements required.

ARTICLE-The MV Silver Cloud, 1st visiting cruise ship of the Mayotte cruise season

8 dates have been confirmed for the 2015/2016 season, namely 3 during December 2015 and 5 during 2016.

Mayotte will have the pleasure of welcoming the ‘MV SILVER CLOUD’ and its 200 passengers (excluding crew) on Thursday, December 17, 2015 at 8am, with its departure set for 5pm. Leaving from Mombasa, with stops at Zanzibar and Dar Es Salaam, the MV SILVER CLOUD will spend a day in Mayotte before heading on to Nosy Be, Maputo and Richard Bay. On disembarking from this luxury SILVERSEA liner, its multi-national passenger list (61 Americans, 21 Italians, 19 Germans, 18 English, 12 Canadians, 11 Austrians…) will have the chance to enjoy the many charms of Mayotte. The MV SILVER CLOUD is a 5-star cruise ship. This luxury ship has an impressive list of destinations – around 50 ports in 30 countries, from Port Lauderdale in the US to French Polynesia. By choosing unusual destinations, passengers can watch orangutans in the jungles of Borneo, admire the Borobudur Buddhas in Vietnam and explore major cities across Asia, East and West Africa, the Indian Ocean, New Zealand and Australia.

As part of the Indian Ocean leg, SILVERSEA has reserved several days during the 2015/2016 season for visiting Mayotte..

ARTICLE-The MV Silver Cloud, 1st visiting cruise ship of the Mayotte cruise season

Photo: Luxury cruise connections

In order to provide cruise passengers with the best possible welcome, the Mayotte Department of Tourism and its Cruise Club partners will follow procedures that have been successfully implemented in previous years. The ship will dock at theMamoudzou Pier, on the seafront, behind the Mamoudzou Market. It will be decorated with flowers that match Mayotte’s national colors and guests will be greeted with a display of Mahoran folkloric dances and songs.In partnership with local craftspeople, the MDoT will put on an exhibition of local crafts as part of a welcoming ceremony to be held in the main hall of the Department of Tourism. Several excursions led by local professionals have been planned around the island, including the Grand Sud, Petite Terre and trips to the lagoons, where cruise passengers can enjoy Mayotte’s spectacular scenery. All of Mayotte’s 17 communes have been advised of the cruise passengers’ arrival, as certain tourist sites in their areas come highly recommended by Mayotte tourist guides.

The Cruise Club partners, notably the National and Municipal Police forces, will be present, albeit discreetly, at Mamoudzou to ensure that the area is surveilled and the safety of passengers ensured. This will also encourage these day-trippers to return to Mayotte and further explore the wonderful sights and sounds of our island. Other partners, including the island’s Tourist Taxis, will also be on hand to ensure that passengers can benefit from bespoke half- day or full-day tours the island.

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