After announcing a 12% increase across all the inter-islands since the start of the year, the Vanilla Islands continue with their activity programme under the presidency of Xavier-Luc DUVAL the Deputy Prime-Minister and Tourism Minister of Mauritius.

ARTICLE-A partnership with regional scope signed in Mauritius
ARTICLE-A partnership with regional scope signed in Mauritius

Consequently, a partnership between the Union of Chambers of Commerce and the Industry of the Indian Ocean Islands (UCCIOI), and the Vanilla Islands organisation was signed this afternoon in Mauritius.

In addition to the existing offer, this technical and financial partnership should enable the development, across all the islands, of fair trade tourist products that support ecotourism.

Over three years, the French Development Agency has provided the partners of the agreement with a sum of 310,000 euros for the creation, development and marketing of offers, in collaboration with the tourism stakeholders of the islands.

Respect for the environment, the involvement of local populations, and cultural development are among the criteria that form the basis of the operations.

The director of the association, Pascal Viroleau, suggests that tourism stakeholders who have, or wish to create, cultural, fair trade, and cooperative products which support ecotourism, should join forces with the Vanilla Islands: “We wish to put the Indian Ocean in a stronger position with regard to these issues, by helping the stakeholders to involve themselves in inter-island products, and to increase their turnover.”

It is a real demonstration of regional cooperation, thanks also to small organisations finding new markets.

ARTICLE-A partnership with regional scope signed in Mauritius

Pascal VIROLEAU, Chief Executive Officer of Vanilla Islands and Fahmy THABIT, President of UCCIOI