Cooperation tourism sector: Seychelles and Reunion island.

Go through necessary and constant change according to supply and demand.

Consequently, with regard to European clients with high purchasing power, offering inter-island trips represents an appropriate response. Combining the complementary experiences of several islands is today bringing in growth.

In light of this, the Seychelles Tourism Board and the Reunion Island Tourism Board met on Wednesday 10th February 2016 for a work session leading to a plan for joint promotional initiatives on social media.

The Seychelles and La Réunion are working on the same markets but not searching to optimize their costs. By twin destinations packages for travellers this goal can be obtain.

In the coming days, French and German clients will receive offers aimed at new clients. This joint approach, two-sided and instigated within the context of the Vanilla Islands, should also be extended to other islands.

For Pascal Viroleau, Director of the Vanilla Islands: “these initiatives, which complement those put in place so far. they will add to and reinforce the individual strategies adopted by each of the islands. We are part of a win-win partnership where each player puts in the same amount towards the success of the whole. This is cooperation tourism sector”