ARTICLE-New Vanilla Islands packages !

The Vanilla Islands Organisation, which contributes to the promotion of inter-Indian Ocean island holidays, sees its efforts rewarded.

The English tour operator 2by2holidays, which specialises in wildlife holidays to Southern & East Africa, announced this week the creation of two new Vanilla Islands packages combining Madagascar and Mauritius:

OFFRE-Nouveaux packages des Îles Vanille

These products were developed following a familiarisation trip and visit to the Madagascar Tourism Fair by MD, Mrs Claire Farley, who has embraced the Vanilla Islands concept and stated “This creative concept will encourage visitors to spend more time exploring two or more of these spectacular Indian Ocean islands, each with its unique culture and wildlife”

According to Pascal VIROLEAU the CEO of the Vanilla Islands” this announcement shows that the products of the Indian Ocean meet the expectations of travellers who are looking for authenticity, culture and a wonderful nature. “

OFFRE-Nouveaux packages des Îles Vanille
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