We love Réunion Island Tourism’s Facebook page! After just four years, Réunion Island Tourism’s Facebook page now has over 400,000 fans! Created in December 2010, the page has experienced a meteoric rise, thanks to the island’s fans and, as of 10 December 2014, it is now Réunion’s most popular page.

ARTICLE-400.000 fans de la Réunion !

Réunion’s most popular Facebook page, the Vanilla Islands’ most popular page, France’s Regional Tourism Committees’ (RTC) second most popular page on Facebook and RTC’s third most popular account on Twitter: as of 10 December, Réunion Island Tourism’s Facebook page has quite a track record. On 9 July, Réunion’s page had some 300,000 fans. Six months later, Réunion has been rewarded with 400,000 “likes” on Facebook, a sign of the island’s growing reputation as a destination with internet and mobile users. On 7 November 2013, the Réunion Island Tourism page had 200,000 fans. On 9 July 2014, eight months later, no fewer than 300,000 people counted themselves among Réunion’s fans.

The Facebook page’s reputation stems from its fans interacting on its wall. Every day, the page receives thousands of “likes”, as its fans share hundreds of comments, tips, conversations, photos and videos. Réunion Island Tourism’s Facebook page is dedicated to promoting Réunion, so keep sharing your experiences of the island on it! 400,000 thanks to all of Réunion’s fans!


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