Reunion Tourism Federation and Seychelles Tourism Board together.

With a view to improving the quality of services offered to tourists in the Indian Ocean an agreement was signed.

The Reunion Tourism Federation (RTF) and the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) have agreed on principles of mutually advantageous partnership agreements. Arrangements for reciprocal work experience opportunities like having literature about one island at the other’s information points. A joint presence on-board cruise ships are the elements which will be worked on together.

Some training courses will be done in french for the staff of STB and the other way round for the RTF people.

Reunion Tourism Federation

On Thursday 11th 2016 August Azzedine Bouali, the President of the Reunion Tourism Federation, and Sherin Francis, Director General of the STB signed an agreement. It allowes organisations and their members to make ‘win-win’ partnership agreements.

This bilateral initiative put in place under the aegis of these islands is likely to be repeated with other islands., With a sharing of know-how each time that will be possible. It eventually allow the level of expertise in the Indian Ocean zone to increase.

This agreement is made under the umbrella of the vanilla islands. They are the islands of the indian ocean region.