With more than 30,000,000 viewers, the reality TV show produced and broadcast by TV Plus Madagascar received more than 5,000 applications this year for its 3rd season.


From left to right: Nathalie Didon, Deputy Chief Executive of STB, Hobiniaina Andriamparany, Miora Roger, presenters of Kopi Kolé, Alain St.Ange, Minister for Tourism and Culture, Nomenjanahary Samilahy Joseph, winner of Kopi Kolé.

From June to September, applicants compete to win one of just 5 places in the grand finale. Nomenjanahary Samilahy Joseph, one of the winners of the Kopi Kolé reality TV show who won a fabulous trip to the Seychelles, recently visited the country.

Nomenjanahary Samilahy Joseph was chosen as the winner by viewers of the TV show, impersonating Koie, a singer from the south of Madagascar, and singing “Hiezaka”, one of Koike’s most well-known songs. From 2 to 6 December, the presenter of Kopi Kolé, Hobiniaina Andriamparany Miora Roger, a cameraman and a sound engineer took Nomenjanahary Samilahy Joseph to two of the island’s most incredible destinations, Mahé and Praslin, and filmed him for the entire day. He also met with the country’s top government officials including Alain St.Ange, the Seychellois Minister for Tourism and Culture and Nathalie Didon, Deputy Chief Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board.

Arriving in the Seychelles for the first day of the trip, TV Plus Madagascar staff were welcomed to the Minister’s office for a courtesy call. Hobiniaina Andriamparany Miora Roger said : “It’s the first time that a winner of the show has been welcomed by a government official.” She was touched by the warm welcome and thanked the Seychelles Tourism Board for helping TV Plus Madagascar and the show’s winner during their trip to the Seychelles.  Minister St. Ange welcomed the group to the Seychelles, saying that “the islands have so much to offer visitors”. Clips of Nomenjanahary Samilahy Joseph’s visit to the Seychelles will be broadcast during the 4th season of Kopi Kolé which is scheduled to be shown in 2016. Kopi Kolé can also be viewed on YouTube, Canal Plus and on Canal Sat in the Indian Ocean; this clearly shows that the concept of the Vanilla Islands is continuing to bring the islands even closer together.