#TRAVELTOMORROW to support jobs and the economy through travel and tourism.

Call to action to mitigate the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis and accelerate recovery.

The covid 19 coronavirus pandemic has crippled the global tourism sector. Many very vulnerable countries destinations and companies are suffering economically. People and their wellbeing must come first. This is why it is important to reduce your travel. This is an appeal to the collective responsibility of travellers and the general public: stay at home today so that you can travel tomorrow.

In the context of this crisis situation, the World Tourism Organisation is proposing a help campaign for this sector. The Vanilla Islands wish to join this movement by adapting it to the Indian Ocean region. Landscapes around this region and various tourist attractions are highlighted. While showcasing each of the Vanilla Islands, they convey the values of cooperation and solidarity.

So, we suggest that you join us in our approach. To do so, you just have to post all of the following to impact on social networks. You can also publish it on the internet in general.


Have fun while sending the right message

To make the wait easier, we have developed a range of games and activities to discover and share. They feature the islands’ various tourist attractions. You can download them below.



Act now with tomorrow in mind

Historically tourism has proven to be a key driver of international recovery but now we must look to the future. We have to prepare in order to show solidarity by examining the reasons for future trips.

#Traveltomorrow for the right reasons by creating new opportunities:

  • As a sign of solidarity, just like the solidarity shown across the world right now

but also to:

  • learn about different cultures and to come back enriched by this experience
  • support the jobs that are all part of tourism as a sector and that mobilise the whole society
  • help development advance and promote sustainability
  • set out to discover the world around us, and open doors

So, use the tools in the communication toolbox to spread the message and join the movement. The tools are made available to you.

Don’t forget the put @vanillaislands on your publications!

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