SOMAPRESSE has recently launched a web version of its popular Vivre Mayotte Magazine.

Vivre Mayotte Magazine. Dedicated to a female audience, the magazine covers fashion, beauty, health benefits of the local gastronomy and all the current events for Mahoran women.

Mayotte  in part of the Comoros archipelago in the Mozambique canal between Africa and north Madagascar. It is a french oversea territory with a long history and living arabic and african traditions.

ARTICLE-Vivre Mayotte launch, online women's magazine for Mayotte

Special reports, news and profiles throughout the magazine participate in creating a positive and dynamic image of the island of Mayotte; and now also ensure visibility of this destination on the web. Not only the tourism board but the private sector can  also help promoting the island. More visibility is more notoriety and bring to more attractivity and customers.

Whether you are a native of Mayotte or a visitor wishing to discover the island, visit the website . For a journey that will, at the same time, fulfill your visual and auditory senses. On the front page this week: Henna tattoos of a refined aestheticism, Tiramisu with mango and vanilla, Plants that heal in Mayotte…

Warm congratulations to SOMAPRESSE for this initiative and especially for the many people who explore the website.

ARTICLE-Vivre Mayotte launch, online women's magazine for Mayotte